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Pink Cake

My daughter turned 12 this month.  She ordered her very favorite strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream.  If you haven’t been around here before, you may not know how pink this cake really is.  It’s definitely a girly cake.  This year she wanted to have a layer of strawberry cake with a layer of chocolate cake.  She asked for the filling to be chocolate and the strawberry buttercream for the whole cake.  She also asked to put colorful flowers on it.



Funny thing about her cake…she never ate one bite of it.  Still at 12 years old, she requested (and expected) her star cake that I have made her since she was 2…


I guess she didn’t want to share since it’s a 4 inch cake.  Or maybe she was feeling a little sentimental and decided to help me out with this how getting older thing and agree to eat her cake that I will willingly make her until I can no longer bake.

Halloweeny Cupcakes

I made some Halloweeny cupcakes for my daughter’s fourth grade class.  I have been teaching a weekly class and tomorrow happens to be my last day.  I thought the kids have been so great that they deserved a little treat from me.  I made mini cuppies so the teacher wouldn’t have to deal with the sugar rush!
Since there is a student with a gluten sensitivity, I went with a chocolate gluten-free recipe and topped them with vanilla bean buttercream…


I dipped them into some sanding sugar and Halloween sprinkles to make them a little more festive.


But I really liked the mini cupcake holders I found at Michael’s…


They were so cute I couldn’t resist.  Happy Halloween!

Chocolate Bacon Almond Bars

Yesterday I attempted a new recipe.  My husband made some bacon for me.  I typically end up charring the bacon so it’s really his area of expertise ;-)!  I melted some dark chocolate in a double boiler and combined it will some heavy cream.  Then I folded in some slivered almonds.  I poured the mixture into a pan and popped it into the freezer to set.  While that was hardening, I melted some white chocolate in a double boiler and combined it with some heavy cream.  I mixed in the finely chopped bacon and poured that on top of the set dark chocolate mixture.  I put it back into the freezer to set for about an hour.  This is what it looked like when I pulled it out of the freezer and cut them into bars…Looks yummy, right?  But it needed something else.  So I popped them bars back into the freezer.  While they were getting nice and hard, I melted some semi-sweet chocolate in a double boiler and added some canola oil.  Then I took the bars out the freezer and coated each on with the semi-sweet chocolate.Messy goodness right there!  I have found that most things that are gooey or messy are just so yummy.  This was true of these bars too.The bacon added the saltiness that complemented the chocolate in such an “oh so good” way.  The almonds added the crunch and light nutty flavor.  The three different chocolates were just yummy together.

Back To School

So I had a little problem with my computer and it’s hard drive.  Long story short, I have lots to post on here.  I want to come back to all that.  Let’s start with back to school treats.

My kids started back to school today.  All three of them, all day long!  They deserved a home-baked treat.  They never agree on one treat but they do always agree on chocolate.  So I decided to make chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and top them with peanut butter buttercream and dip them in chocolate sprinkles.

To say these cupcakes are good is a total understatement.  These are melt-in-your-mouth yumminess.  While my son was enjoying his tonight, he noted there were chocolate chips in them and asked, “How did you not melt the chips?”  My daughters didn’t say a word while eating and that’s saying something ;-)!  These are best the day they are made but I’m pretty sure the leftovers will be eaten over the next few days.

Zoo Cake

My son turned 4 on Saturday.  He ordered up a “Giraffe Cake”.  I asked if it would be ok to make giraffes to put on the cake instead of a big cake that looked like a giraffe and he said, “Yes, and monkeys, and hippos, and tortoises ’cause those are my favorites.”  So I went to work. 

My son’s favorite color is green so naturally the icing had to be green.  I tinted vanilla buttercream grass-green and also a little moss-green for a contrast.  I also made a small batch of chocolate buttercream for the tree trunks.  The cake was chocolate, his favorite.  I stacked 6 inch layers on top of 10 inch layers.  The animals were all made from modeling chocolate.  This was my first attempt with modeling chocolate and I love it!  It’s so much easier to work with than fondant and it tastes way better.

The hippos had to be placed in blue water, naturally…

The  monkeys near a tree…

The tortoises in the grass with some leaves to eat.  We were informed that turtles are the ones that swim so these were tortoises. 🙂

And the giraffes were near his name, of course.

He was pretty pleased with his fourth birthday cake.  I have to say that I was too!

Cake Pops!

I am so excited to announce that we are offering Cake Pops!  I mean, really, what’s not to love about these treats?  Cake, icing, all mushed together, and on a convenient stick!  Bakerella really knew what she was doing when she thought to make them into cute shapes. 

So I attempted to make the cupcake cake pops for my son’s school snack.  They are celebrating his birthday tomorrow since his actual birthday is during Spring break.  I used chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

I dipped them into dark chocolate for the cupcake part.  I inserted the stick and let that dry completely.  Then I dipped the tops into green vanilla because that is my son’s favorite color.  Then used some colorful nonpareils for the sprinkles and topped them off with a red M & M candy for the cherry on top.

My son was thrilled to see these displayed, knowing he will be sharing them with his friends tomorrow!

I also made some circle cake pops just to see how they would turn out.  This was my first attempt.  I used a few different colors for the candy coating and a few different toppings.

These are available for shipping, just in case you were wondering! 😉

Power Tools

A customer called at the beginning of February to find out if I do power tools for cakes.  I answered honestly with a nervous laugh by saying, “No one has asked me to do a power tool before”.  She laughed too and said that is the response she has been getting from everyone she’s called.  I asked her to send me a picture of what she was thinking of and I would let her know what I could do. 

This was the picture she sent…

We talked details and she really wanted the cake to be without the fondant.  I said I would do my best.  Her friend was turning 50 and she happened to love power tools.  When someone is turning 50, it’s a big deal, right?  So this is what it came down to…

I bought a board at Lowe’s and Jeremiah cut it to the dimensions I needed to put a cake on it.  I actually may use wood boards for all my big cakes from now on.  It was so sturdy that I didn’t have to worry about all the weight from all this cake falling through the middle!  Jeremiah used the staple gun to attach the tape measure for the border around the board.  (Seriously, you really didn’t want me to be using the staple gun :-)!

The only fondant I used was for the “accessories”.  I made a tape measure that had the 50 on it for her big birthday.  The guide for the saw was fondant tinted grey and then sprayed with edible luster spray for a sheen finish.  I also did the cord and plug were out of fondant as well.

The “board” that being cut by the saw was a quarter sheet cake with buttercream icing tinted to the blonde shade of wood.  The motor was a 6 inch round standing on its side.  The saw blade was a 10 inch round cut so it would sit flat on the “wood” piece and iced with grey tinted buttercream.   The handle on the motor was 5 marshmallows put together with toothpicks and iced with teal tinted buttercream. 

I also added ground Nillas for the “saw dust”.  The cake was all chocolate which made the whole thing very heavy!  The customer was pleased with the finished product when she picked it up.  I was glad it came together.  So now, if someone asks if I can do power tools, I guess my answer is “yes” with a nervous laugh!

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is on Sunday.  Any Steelers fans out there?  How about Packers fans?  I’ll admit that even though I’m from Pennsylvania, I am a cheesehead!  But that’s not what you are here for, right?  You’re here to see what’s up for possible goodies to be served on the big game day, right? 

Well, last week I found the ultimate Super Bowl treats.  I discovered that bacon and chocolate really do go together!  I know, I know…it’s sounds absurd.  But I can’t stress enough that these are THE best chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten.  And I’ve taste-tested a lot! 🙂

The salt from the maple bacon makes this chocolate chip cookie so savory.  YUM!

Then I decided to try a recipe for these Dark Chocolate Bacon cupcakes…

Oh my goodness! These are just sinful.  So, so rich.  I used a chocolate buttercream for the icing and then topped it with a few extra bacon crumbles just for kicks…

Again, YUM! 

I think I will try my hand at bacon fudge brownies next.  I hear they are just divine…

Chocolate Ganache

So if you are a chocolate lover, you would definitely love this cake.  It is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing and chocolate raspberry filling.  Oh, and I can’t forget the dark chocolate ganache…

A client ordered this cake for her Christmas party this past weekend.  I know this cake is decadent because the first two rounds decided to stick to the pan.  You gotta love baking at this altitude!  No fear, the next two turned out perfectly (these were the cakes given to the customer, of course) but we don’t just waste cake around here.  So my family enjoyed the flopped one.  YUM!

LEGO cake

My daughter is on the robotics team at her school.  They built robots out of LEGOs and programmed them to do things.  They competed against other robotics teams at UCCS in November.  While they didn’t progress to the next level, they did do an awesome job.  Tonight was the team’s final meeting.  My daughter insisted that I make a LEGO cake for everyone to share. 

She wanted the cake to be chocolate and the icing to be colorful like LEGOs.  I used mini marshmallows for the links on the smaller blocks and regular sized marshmallows on the larger block.  I stacked them up and took them to their meeting tonight.

The kids thought they were pretty cool!  I was pretty pleased with how they turned out too.

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