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Halloween Treats

I have a few Halloween treats that I wanted to share yesterday but just didn’t have a chance.  First we have bones…Actually they aren’t real.  I know, I fooled you, right?  These are sugar cookie bones.  Their real name is Boneyard Cookies.  My son wanted me to try to make them and they turned out ok but I felt they needed a little help.  While they were shaped like bones, they really didn’t look like bones.  So I dipped them into white chocolate…Since I dipped them, they kind of got a “creepy” look to them but tasted so so yummy.  My son approved!

Next we had an assortment of cupcakes.  As I’ve mentioned before, my husband takes cupcakes in for his squadron’s cadet birthdays.  They all agreed that they wanted “funfetti” flavor which is just my vanilla cake recipe with sprinkles thrown in.  I used vanilla icing and dipped them into colored sugar or various Halloweeny sprinkles to make them festive…The kids are in a sugar coma from all their treats.  I hope Halloween was fun for you too!

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is on Sunday.  Any Steelers fans out there?  How about Packers fans?  I’ll admit that even though I’m from Pennsylvania, I am a cheesehead!  But that’s not what you are here for, right?  You’re here to see what’s up for possible goodies to be served on the big game day, right? 

Well, last week I found the ultimate Super Bowl treats.  I discovered that bacon and chocolate really do go together!  I know, I know…it’s sounds absurd.  But I can’t stress enough that these are THE best chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten.  And I’ve taste-tested a lot! 🙂

The salt from the maple bacon makes this chocolate chip cookie so savory.  YUM!

Then I decided to try a recipe for these Dark Chocolate Bacon cupcakes…

Oh my goodness! These are just sinful.  So, so rich.  I used a chocolate buttercream for the icing and then topped it with a few extra bacon crumbles just for kicks…

Again, YUM! 

I think I will try my hand at bacon fudge brownies next.  I hear they are just divine…

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