Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is on Sunday.  Any Steelers fans out there?  How about Packers fans?  I’ll admit that even though I’m from Pennsylvania, I am a cheesehead!  But that’s not what you are here for, right?  You’re here to see what’s up for possible goodies to be served on the big game day, right? 

Well, last week I found the ultimate Super Bowl treats.  I discovered that bacon and chocolate really do go together!  I know, I know…it’s sounds absurd.  But I can’t stress enough that these are THE best chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten.  And I’ve taste-tested a lot! 🙂

The salt from the maple bacon makes this chocolate chip cookie so savory.  YUM!

Then I decided to try a recipe for these Dark Chocolate Bacon cupcakes…

Oh my goodness! These are just sinful.  So, so rich.  I used a chocolate buttercream for the icing and then topped it with a few extra bacon crumbles just for kicks…

Again, YUM! 

I think I will try my hand at bacon fudge brownies next.  I hear they are just divine…


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