Power Tools

A customer called at the beginning of February to find out if I do power tools for cakes.  I answered honestly with a nervous laugh by saying, “No one has asked me to do a power tool before”.  She laughed too and said that is the response she has been getting from everyone she’s called.  I asked her to send me a picture of what she was thinking of and I would let her know what I could do. 

This was the picture she sent…

We talked details and she really wanted the cake to be without the fondant.  I said I would do my best.  Her friend was turning 50 and she happened to love power tools.  When someone is turning 50, it’s a big deal, right?  So this is what it came down to…

I bought a board at Lowe’s and Jeremiah cut it to the dimensions I needed to put a cake on it.  I actually may use wood boards for all my big cakes from now on.  It was so sturdy that I didn’t have to worry about all the weight from all this cake falling through the middle!  Jeremiah used the staple gun to attach the tape measure for the border around the board.  (Seriously, you really didn’t want me to be using the staple gun :-)!

The only fondant I used was for the “accessories”.  I made a tape measure that had the 50 on it for her big birthday.  The guide for the saw was fondant tinted grey and then sprayed with edible luster spray for a sheen finish.  I also did the cord and plug were out of fondant as well.

The “board” that being cut by the saw was a quarter sheet cake with buttercream icing tinted to the blonde shade of wood.  The motor was a 6 inch round standing on its side.  The saw blade was a 10 inch round cut so it would sit flat on the “wood” piece and iced with grey tinted buttercream.   The handle on the motor was 5 marshmallows put together with toothpicks and iced with teal tinted buttercream. 

I also added ground Nillas for the “saw dust”.  The cake was all chocolate which made the whole thing very heavy!  The customer was pleased with the finished product when she picked it up.  I was glad it came together.  So now, if someone asks if I can do power tools, I guess my answer is “yes” with a nervous laugh!


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