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Power Tools

A customer called at the beginning of February to find out if I do power tools for cakes.  I answered honestly with a nervous laugh by saying, “No one has asked me to do a power tool before”.  She laughed too and said that is the response she has been getting from everyone she’s called.  I asked her to send me a picture of what she was thinking of and I would let her know what I could do. 

This was the picture she sent…

We talked details and she really wanted the cake to be without the fondant.  I said I would do my best.  Her friend was turning 50 and she happened to love power tools.  When someone is turning 50, it’s a big deal, right?  So this is what it came down to…

I bought a board at Lowe’s and Jeremiah cut it to the dimensions I needed to put a cake on it.  I actually may use wood boards for all my big cakes from now on.  It was so sturdy that I didn’t have to worry about all the weight from all this cake falling through the middle!  Jeremiah used the staple gun to attach the tape measure for the border around the board.  (Seriously, you really didn’t want me to be using the staple gun :-)!

The only fondant I used was for the “accessories”.  I made a tape measure that had the 50 on it for her big birthday.  The guide for the saw was fondant tinted grey and then sprayed with edible luster spray for a sheen finish.  I also did the cord and plug were out of fondant as well.

The “board” that being cut by the saw was a quarter sheet cake with buttercream icing tinted to the blonde shade of wood.  The motor was a 6 inch round standing on its side.  The saw blade was a 10 inch round cut so it would sit flat on the “wood” piece and iced with grey tinted buttercream.   The handle on the motor was 5 marshmallows put together with toothpicks and iced with teal tinted buttercream. 

I also added ground Nillas for the “saw dust”.  The cake was all chocolate which made the whole thing very heavy!  The customer was pleased with the finished product when she picked it up.  I was glad it came together.  So now, if someone asks if I can do power tools, I guess my answer is “yes” with a nervous laugh!

Super Mario Bros

Does anyone out there remember when the Nintendo came out?  I mean the real Nintendo.  Not anything with an EX or any other letter behind it.  It was light and dark grey and you actually had to put cartridges into the machine to play?  Remember Duck Hunt?  And Super Mario Bros?  Wow I was good at those games.  Now they are even cooler with whatever system they run on.  There are more characters and things to do. 

I had a nice lady call me in a little bit of a panic this past week.  The party she was planning for her soon to be 7-year-old son had to be moved up by three weeks because of her husband deploying.  And when she searched for someone to make the cake she wanted, they were pretty overpriced.  Then she found me.  I gave her the right price and told her that I could do it.  She even dropped off figurines that she wanted to be placed on the cake and a picture of what she wanted it to look like!

So after making strawberry cakes and lots of vanilla buttercream, I went to work on decorating.  Since she had given me a lot of the figurines, we decided that adding clouds, stars, boxes, and shrubs to make it look like the game.

I’m with Mario on this one…I was ready to “high-five” anyone who was around when I was finished.  I was pretty pleased with the outcome since it was a last minute order…

I hear the birthday boy was thrilled with his surprise cake.  I was so happy to help!  I love it when things turn out so well.


A customer emailed me to make a cake for her son.  He turns 12 tomorrow!  A Christmas baby!  He happens to love strawberry cake.  Since he’s a boy, she wanted it to look like a boy’s cake.  So we went with vanilla butter cream icing.  He also happens to have a black belt in Shotokan (a Japanese martial art) and wants to have shuriken which is the blade on the cake.  So this is how he’s getting it this year…

Happy Birthday, Mase.  I hope you enjoy your day!

Trains and Holiday Sale

A customer wanted to have a boy and a girl train for a birthday party that she was throwing for her daughter and her friend’s son.  I was so excited.  This is my most favorite cake to decorate.  We decided on red and blue for the boy cake…

and pink and purple for the girl cake…

The cake is yellow butter cake with chocolate buttercream.  I tinted white icing for the colorful accents.  I used fudge stripes mini cookies for the wheels, shoe string licorice for the cow catcher and train ties, various candies for the cars to carry, and rollos and Hershey kisses for the smoke stack.  Oh and don’t forget the Oreos for fuel!  It’s a fun cake, no matter what age you are!

Now onto the sale…We are excited that it is the Christmas holiday season!  Fudge, cookies, peppermint bark just to name a few goodies of the season.  So since we love this holiday season so much, we are extending some holiday cheer your way. 

If you buy one pound of peppermint bark, you get another for free!  This item is available for shipping and makes a great stocking stuffer or a yummy addition to a holiday party.  So call or email us for your order today!

Cadillac Lovers

Anyone out there love Cadillacs?  This customer’s husband does.  In fact, he has a Cadillac CTS-V.  I’m not a car person but it is a sharp car.  So my customer ordered a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.  She said he loves layers because it allows him to eat more icing!  So the cake is torted for more layers of icing.  She also wanted the icing to be tinted to a similar burgundy color of his special car.  And the cadillac V emblem would be fantastic.

I hear he was so happy with it that he made everyone wait until he took a picture before cutting it!  That’s what I like to hear.  He also enjoyed the many layers of icing.  Love that!

Elmo Gallore

I had an order for Elmo cupcakes.  My customer wanted 3 dozen of them to look “fuzzy” and each one to be the same.  Her daughter was turning 2 and, as all of you know,  2 year olds need everything to be the same. 

The cupcakes are marbled chocolate and vanilla cake with red tinted buttercream icing.  I used white fondant for the eyes with black tinted buttercream pupils.  I used orange fondant for the huge noses and black tinted buttercream for the mouths.  I used the grass tip to make Elmo look furry.

I think they turned out nicely.  I hope Little A enjoyed them at her party!

Wedding Cakes

I am so excited to start advertising wedding cakes! After learning a few tricks to tiering cakes, I figured it was time to put it on the blog.


This cakes is a 14 inch round topped by a 10 inch round topped by a 6 inch round.
It’s certainly tall and heavy!
So how do you go about ordering wedding cakes or anniversary cakes? I’m so glad you asked!
Contact me through email (stahrscakes@gmail.com) or by phone (719.482.5308). We will set up a time to meet so you can sample cakes in flavors of your choice. We will put some ideas together for your cake, basically creating exactly what you want for your special occasion. I ask that you give at least 2 months notice. Also, unless you are super traditional, I will make you a top tier cake for your first wedding anniversary as part of the cost of the wedding cake. It will be fresh for you to enjoy on your anniversary instead of a whole year old and it will match the top tier of your original design!


This week I learned to cover a cake base with fondant. I chose to tint the fondant green and use the Star Power imprint mat to make it fancier. I like the way it turned out. Plus it would be a great way to present a cake!

On top of the base are the flowers I also learned. The orange mum is one of my favorites. Perfect for a Fall cake. The other two are daisies. One is just flatter than the other and has a sparkle to the center to add a twist on the pretty flower…

The flowers are made of gum paste. Check back soon for my final project from my fondant class!

Roses and Bows

I wanted to see what the Wilton rose would look like with buttercream icing. Since it is a softer icing and the flower is a heavy flower, I wasn’t sure it would work. Being pleasantly surprised, it did turn out. So I decided to decorate a lemon cake with white buttercream icing and yellow roses.

I also am working on learning how to use fondant and gum paste a little better. My first attempt at a bow wasn’t too bad…

While I’m not a fan of the flavor of fondant, it is easy to work with and there are so many possiblities with creating things for decorating cakes.
Here is a bonus for those of you who like the look of fondant but not the flavor…my instructor tells me that as a cake sits with fondant on it, the fondant takes on the flavor of the buttercream icing underneath. Also you can flavor fondant with flavoring oils. So I may have to give that a try and see if fondant isn’t that bad after all!
Be sure to check back for more fondant and gum paste creations!


Need a sugar rush? How about trying some swirly cupcakes? Check out the height on these…

I made some cupcakes for campers at my daughters’ taekwondo camp last week. I know the campers didn’t really need any more sugar but they were sure fun to make.


I used Wilton coloring spray to color the swirly tops. I had fun playing with the flowers too.


 The swirl drop flower and drop flowers are the pink flowers. The yellow is called a shaggy mum and the blue flower is a pompom flower.

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