Strawberry Cake

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday.  She turned 9 and I’m still in disbelief!  Her favorite cake is strawberry with strawberry icing.  It started out being her favorite because it’s completely pink.  But strawberries are her favorite fruit so naturally the flavor was favored too!  Last night we had a little family celebrating with swirly toppedContinue reading “Strawberry Cake”

Open House details

Here are the goodies that I made for the open house. I made the stacking strawberries.  I also made some chocolate cake… There were chocolate peanut butter mini cupcakes with peanut butter icing… Cherry, Banana, and Spearmint hard candy (shaped into little stars, of course)… And the cake that made me the happiest to make.Continue reading “Open House details”

Stacking Strawberries

Ok, so they aren’t really strawberries but it is strawberry cake. When I asked my daughter what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday this year, she replied, “Strawberry, of course. Oh and can you make the cake look like a strawberry?” I said that I would try. So here we are with twoContinue reading “Stacking Strawberries”