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Pink Cake

My daughter turned 12 this month.  She ordered her very favorite strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream.  If you haven’t been around here before, you may not know how pink this cake really is.  It’s definitely a girly cake.  This year she wanted to have a layer of strawberry cake with a layer of chocolate cake.  She asked for the filling to be chocolate and the strawberry buttercream for the whole cake.  She also asked to put colorful flowers on it.



Funny thing about her cake…she never ate one bite of it.  Still at 12 years old, she requested (and expected) her star cake that I have made her since she was 2…


I guess she didn’t want to share since it’s a 4 inch cake.  Or maybe she was feeling a little sentimental and decided to help me out with this how getting older thing and agree to eat her cake that I will willingly make her until I can no longer bake.

Strawberry Cake

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday.  She turned 9 and I’m still in disbelief!  Her favorite cake is strawberry with strawberry icing.  It started out being her favorite because it’s completely pink.  But strawberries are her favorite fruit so naturally the flavor was favored too!  Last night we had a little family celebrating with swirly topped cupcakes and a star-shaped mini cake for the birthday girl!

You can’t beat the sweetness of a pink girly cake for a pink girly girl!  Happy Birthday, Mazie.

Open House details

Here are the goodies that I made for the open house. I made the stacking strawberries.

 I also made some chocolate cake

There were chocolate peanut butter mini cupcakes with peanut butter icing…

Cherry, Banana, and Spearmint hard candy (shaped into little stars, of course)…
And the cake that made me the happiest to make. The Car Cruiser. Turns out I just need to use a lighter cake recipe, such as my classic white cake, in the pan to have the cruiser turn out.
I used oreo cookies for the wheels.
M & M candies for the lights and vanilla icing tinted black and red. I used white sparkle gel icing for the windows.
I was happy with the outcome. My son, however, was disappointed that I did not make it green! Maybe next time.

Stacking Strawberries

Ok, so they aren’t really strawberries but it is strawberry cake. When I asked my daughter what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday this year, she replied, “Strawberry, of course. Oh and can you make the cake look like a strawberry?” I said that I would try. So here we are with two strawberry shaped, strawberry cakes with strawberry icing…

 “The Boss” of this order wanted there to be “seeds” and “leaves” too. So I went to work. I rolled out green fondant icing and cut leaves. I added some detail to make them look “real”.

Then I added chocolate chips for the seeds. “The Boss” is happy with the outcome…

I have to say that I am pretty pleased too!

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake with strawberry icing. This is a super sweet and moist cake. I made this one in a bundt and topped it with the icing.

My oldest daughter requests this every year for her birthday cake. Strawberries are her favorite and this cake is full of strawberry flavor.
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