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Wedding Cakes

I am so excited to start advertising wedding cakes! After learning a few tricks to tiering cakes, I figured it was time to put it on the blog.


This cakes is a 14 inch round topped by a 10 inch round topped by a 6 inch round.
It’s certainly tall and heavy!
So how do you go about ordering wedding cakes or anniversary cakes? I’m so glad you asked!
Contact me through email (stahrscakes@gmail.com) or by phone (719.482.5308). We will set up a time to meet so you can sample cakes in flavors of your choice. We will put some ideas together for your cake, basically creating exactly what you want for your special occasion. I ask that you give at least 2 months notice. Also, unless you are super traditional, I will make you a top tier cake for your first wedding anniversary as part of the cost of the wedding cake. It will be fresh for you to enjoy on your anniversary instead of a whole year old and it will match the top tier of your original design!

Cake Project

Yesterday was my last cake decorating class. I’m sad it’s over because I loved meeting the people in my classes plus I learned some really great things! This class I learned to work with fondant and gum paste. I had tried my hand at fondant before and realized that I had no idea what I was doing. Now I know how to work with it and manipulate it to do what I want. It’s pretty cool stuff!

This is my final cake project. We needed to bake a cake and have it ready to cover with fondant and decorate with fondant, gum paste, or a combination of the two. So I chose to bake a chocolate cake, torte it, and fill and cover it will chocolate butter cream. In class, I covered it with pink fondant…

Then applied light pink leaves…

And inserted dark pink gum paste roses which I made earlier in the week so they were dry. I also added some fondant/gum paste leaves to make the arrangement real. I placed the finished cake on the cake board I made with my imprint mat the week before. And my project was complete.
I had fun in this class and look forward to working with fondant and gum paste again!
***I apparently never gave credit where credit is due. I was fortunate enough to find a class at Michael’s. My instructor was Charity St. John who was awesome! I totally recommend taking a class with her. But if you are not in this area you should check out your local Michael’s or Joann’s. Good luck!***

Gum Paste Flowers

So if you were tuned in last week, you will know that I am learning to work with fondant and gum paste. This week I learned to make a few flowers. First the rose. It is so delicate looking but so very easy to make. It’s like working with play dough!

The only thing is that when you are finished working with the fondant or gum paste, you can leave it to dry and it dries hard.

Next was the calla lily. The stamen is gum paste tinted yellow and rolled in yellow sugar crystals.

The outside is dusted with green pearl dust to blend the calyx and make the flower shimmer.
Last but not least is the carnation. This flower, I think, I my favorite so far. It looks so much more involved than it really is and look so real.

More to come…

Basket of Flowers

Just a peek at what those pretty daffodils look like on a cake. This is a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and yellow daffodils made in royal icing.


I also did the border in basket weave which is something new for me.


A Few More…

These violets are so dainty and perfect for filler in a bouquet on a cake or topping for a cupcake…

The yellow daffodils are fun for a cake as well. Check out the height on these and the delicate nature of the petals. These were made using Royal icing and dry hard.

Lilies are my favorite flower. I love making these because they are so pretty.
And here is the famous Wilton rose. So precious and full. Similar to the ribbon rose but this one has petals which make it a fuller flower.
Just to show the differences in height and size between the flowers…
Flowers make cakes happy!

Rose Buds

Today my daughter and I tested for our next belts in taekwondo. So as a treat for doing well, I typically make a fun dessert to celebrate all of our hard work. It gets a little tricky coming up with new ideas for all the different colors of belts but this one was fun.

I made triple chocolate brownies (read…they are very gooey!). The brown represented my new belt. The I added a white rose bud that was sprayed red to represent my daughter’s new belt.

I used royal icing for the rose bud but it can also be made with buttercream for those who want the softer icing.

More Flowers!

Apple Blossoms and the Primrose are some of the most delicate flowers I’ve learned to make. The Apple Blossom (the larger of the two) has a heart shaped petal with a center to the flower. The Primrose is a lot smaller, almost a quarter of the size of the larger.


These were made using Royal Icing. This is the icing that hardens to a crisp. The flowers are like candy. Edible flowers that can be stored for months after they dry.

Button Flowers and Pansies

Gum paste is a fun thing to work with when you know you are making something that will look so cute you will want to eat it for sure! Check out these cute-as-a-button button flowers.

I had yellow on hand but these flowers can be any combination of colors.

With striping on the largest flower and dots on the middle flower, it adds texture to whatever you are decorating.

And the button middle holds it all together. These are great for cupcakes or a fun summery cake!

The pansies are just as cute but a little more delicate looking.

Again, pink and purple are what I had on hand but the combination of colors are endless. The petals are rubbed to make them look frail but really these pretty flowers are perfect for a cupcake or cake that will be setting out for a long period of time.

I’m having fun learning all these new flowers. Check back for more!


I’ve learned to make ribbon roses. When I made this cake, I decided to make it colorful and to kind of represent my family in colors.

My oldest daughter loves pink. My second daughter is very fond of purple, but specifically violet. My husband favors blue and my favorite flower is a yellow rose. The green leaves are for my son who insists that no one else can like green because it is his favorite color!

Then with the addition of swirl drop flowers in the same colors, I thought it made a fun summery cake.
What do you think?

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