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Lily Wedding

My nephew got married over Mother’s Day weekend.  I was asked to make the cake.  I was so excited to be part of their special day!  My new niece was very specific about flavors.  She wanted the base to be chocolate mint with chocolate mint filling, the middle layer to be strawberry with strawberry filling, and the top to be vanilla with chocolate filling.  The whole thing needed to be covered with white icing.  I used Italian meringue.

My crafty new niece made the topper.  And asked for bling on the cake.  And lilies too!  I sent lily petals and leaves to PA hoping they would make it.  I ended up with enough to make 9 full lilies!  I was happy.

The disaster that happens with wedding cakes happened when I pulled the first layer of the base out of the oven and had it cooled.  I flipped it over to a board and walked it to another area to finish cooling when I caught the edge of the door frame and sent the cake flying to the floor.  It was early enough in the day to replace the layer with a freshly baked cake but wow what a start!

No worries though.  It turned out great.  I iced the cake smooth and applied the ribbon and let them set for the wedding.  When we arrived at the church, I stacked the cakes and finished the design.  Then I inserted the lilies and topper.


I was pleased with it and so were the bride and groom!  Congratulations Joey and Jenny.  I wish you the best!

Gum Paste Flowers

So if you were tuned in last week, you will know that I am learning to work with fondant and gum paste. This week I learned to make a few flowers. First the rose. It is so delicate looking but so very easy to make. It’s like working with play dough!

The only thing is that when you are finished working with the fondant or gum paste, you can leave it to dry and it dries hard.

Next was the calla lily. The stamen is gum paste tinted yellow and rolled in yellow sugar crystals.

The outside is dusted with green pearl dust to blend the calyx and make the flower shimmer.
Last but not least is the carnation. This flower, I think, I my favorite so far. It looks so much more involved than it really is and look so real.

More to come…

Button Flowers and Pansies

Gum paste is a fun thing to work with when you know you are making something that will look so cute you will want to eat it for sure! Check out these cute-as-a-button button flowers.

I had yellow on hand but these flowers can be any combination of colors.

With striping on the largest flower and dots on the middle flower, it adds texture to whatever you are decorating.

And the button middle holds it all together. These are great for cupcakes or a fun summery cake!

The pansies are just as cute but a little more delicate looking.

Again, pink and purple are what I had on hand but the combination of colors are endless. The petals are rubbed to make them look frail but really these pretty flowers are perfect for a cupcake or cake that will be setting out for a long period of time.

I’m having fun learning all these new flowers. Check back for more!
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