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A Few More…

These violets are so dainty and perfect for filler in a bouquet on a cake or topping for a cupcake…

The yellow daffodils are fun for a cake as well. Check out the height on these and the delicate nature of the petals. These were made using Royal icing and dry hard.

Lilies are my favorite flower. I love making these because they are so pretty.
And here is the famous Wilton rose. So precious and full. Similar to the ribbon rose but this one has petals which make it a fuller flower.
Just to show the differences in height and size between the flowers…
Flowers make cakes happy!

Rose Buds

Today my daughter and I tested for our next belts in taekwondo. So as a treat for doing well, I typically make a fun dessert to celebrate all of our hard work. It gets a little tricky coming up with new ideas for all the different colors of belts but this one was fun.

I made triple chocolate brownies (read…they are very gooey!). The brown represented my new belt. The I added a white rose bud that was sprayed red to represent my daughter’s new belt.

I used royal icing for the rose bud but it can also be made with buttercream for those who want the softer icing.

More Flowers!

Apple Blossoms and the Primrose are some of the most delicate flowers I’ve learned to make. The Apple Blossom (the larger of the two) has a heart shaped petal with a center to the flower. The Primrose is a lot smaller, almost a quarter of the size of the larger.


These were made using Royal Icing. This is the icing that hardens to a crisp. The flowers are like candy. Edible flowers that can be stored for months after they dry.

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