Button Flowers and Pansies

Gum paste is a fun thing to work with when you know you are making something that will look so cute you will want to eat it for sure! Check out these cute-as-a-button button flowers.

I had yellow on hand but these flowers can be any combination of colors.

With striping on the largest flower and dots on the middle flower, it adds texture to whatever you are decorating.

And the button middle holds it all together. These are great for cupcakes or a fun summery cake!

The pansies are just as cute but a little more delicate looking.

Again, pink and purple are what I had on hand but the combination of colors are endless. The petals are rubbed to make them look frail but really these pretty flowers are perfect for a cupcake or cake that will be setting out for a long period of time.

I’m having fun learning all these new flowers. Check back for more!

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