Gum Paste Flowers

So if you were tuned in last week, you will know that I am learning to work with fondant and gum paste. This week I learned to make a few flowers. First the rose. It is so delicate looking but so very easy to make. It’s like working with play dough!

The only thing is that when you are finished working with the fondant or gum paste, you can leave it to dry and it dries hard.

Next was the calla lily. The stamen is gum paste tinted yellow and rolled in yellow sugar crystals.

The outside is dusted with green pearl dust to blend the calyx and make the flower shimmer.
Last but not least is the carnation. This flower, I think, I my favorite so far. It looks so much more involved than it really is and look so real.

More to come…

4 thoughts on “Gum Paste Flowers

  1. Megan…these flowers look soooo real….you are doing such a great job….I know your business will be booming soon!Glad you are being creative…it is lots of fun!Love you, Mom

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