Button Flowers and Pansies

Gum paste is a fun thing to work with when you know you are making something that will look so cute you will want to eat it for sure! Check out these cute-as-a-button button flowers. I had yellow on hand but these flowers can be any combination of colors. With striping on the largest flowerContinue reading “Button Flowers and Pansies”


I’ve learned to make ribbon roses. When I made this cake, I decided to make it colorful and to kind of represent my family in colors. My oldest daughter loves pink. My second daughter is very fond of purple, but specifically violet. My husband favors blue and my favorite flower is a yellow rose. TheContinue reading “Flowers”


Need a sugar rush? How about trying some swirly cupcakes? Check out the height on these… I made some cupcakes for campers at my daughters’ taekwondo camp last week. I know the campers didn’t really need any more sugar but they were sure fun to make.   I used Wilton coloring spray to color theContinue reading “Cupcakes”

New designs

I’ve been learning a few tricks to different decorating techniques. Such as printing templates for cake pictures like the taekwondo cakes below. This cupcake is also a template but decorated with a different tip. A fun cake to have anytime. This one happens to be one layer of chocolate cake with white chocolate filling andContinue reading “New designs”