Roses and Bows

I wanted to see what the Wilton rose would look like with buttercream icing. Since it is a softer icing and the flower is a heavy flower, I wasn’t sure it would work. Being pleasantly surprised, it did turn out. So I decided to decorate a lemon cake with white buttercream icing and yellow roses.

I also am working on learning how to use fondant and gum paste a little better. My first attempt at a bow wasn’t too bad…

While I’m not a fan of the flavor of fondant, it is easy to work with and there are so many possiblities with creating things for decorating cakes.
Here is a bonus for those of you who like the look of fondant but not the flavor…my instructor tells me that as a cake sits with fondant on it, the fondant takes on the flavor of the buttercream icing underneath. Also you can flavor fondant with flavoring oils. So I may have to give that a try and see if fondant isn’t that bad after all!
Be sure to check back for more fondant and gum paste creations!

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