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Fall Baking Fun

On Thanksgiving, we had a little dessert party with our neighbors.  It was full of Fall treats and so much fun.  Our treats included apple pie…


and pecan pie…


and pumpkin pies…


Shoo Fly Cake…

IMG_0004some pear crisp…

IMG_0019a pumpkin bundt cake with streusel filling and dark chocolate ganache…


and some spice cupcakes with maple buttercream…

IMG_0014and just keepin’ it real around here…my kitchen during baking…

IMG_0005I didn’t show you the floor for a reason ;-)!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Here’s what’s been going on at Stahrs Cakes.

December:  There were lots of goodies made.  Peppermint bark, peanut butter fudge, cornflake wreaths, lots of cookies.  I attempted a cookie I saw on Pinterest.  Chocolate Melted Snowman.  Copy (1) of IMG_0006


I used my own triple chocolate cookie recipe and white royal icing for the snowman but I used the same design I saw on Pinterest.  I used a mini peanut butter cup for the hat and some red and green sprinkles for the eyes and mouths.  They were cute and the kids say they are part of the Christmas cookie line up.


January started out with a Chocolate cola cake.  That’s what my husband asked for our New Years dessert.  So moist, chocolaty, rich.  I dressed it up a little with miniature chocolate chips on the glaze.


Then my husband’s birthday with his red velvet cake with peanut butter buttercream.  I’m not sure what my obsession is with mini chocolate chips but it does dress up a cake…



Since there are only five here, I made a six-inch round and torted the layers so it was a tall cake but still small to not waste.

Then my oldest daughter turned 11!  Aside from her first birthday (which was chocolate cake), she has always asked for strawberry cake with strawberry icing.  This happens to be the pinkest cake ever.  This year she had a hard time deciding.  She actually wanted to have peanut butter fudge.  But when she asked if she would get her star-shaped cake (a tradition I’ve been doing since she turned one) and was told no, she decided on chocolate cake with strawberry icing.

Copy (1) of IMG_0002

And, yes, she got her little star…


I also had an order for a special birthday.  Twin boys who were turning 11!  Mom wanted them to have individual cakes but similar and didn’t want a lot of cake left over.  So we decided on 6 inch one-layer cakes.  Mom also said that boys were, well, boys and didn’t really have any ideas on what they want their cakes to look like.  She had a picture of a cake she thought was neat and decided on gold, purple, and black for colors.   I tinted chocolate icing black and covered and filled each layer with it.

I rolled out purple fondant for straight ribbons and white fondant for curvy ribbons.  I used edible gold spray on the white.  I also used a star-shaped cookie cutter for some star confetti.  While I still used the same decorations, I wanted the cakes to be different for each of the boys.  So I purposely placed the fondant decorations differently.


I finished the cakes off with Happy Birthday and their names in gold gel.

Green Things

March is a fun month in this house.  While we aren’t Irish, we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  My son loves all things green and it kind of represents the Spring is right around the corner for us.  So more green things appear, like the grass and the buds, etc.  So I decided to try my hand at some truffles.  I made mint chocolate truffles.  According to my kids, they were yummy…I used green candy melts for the coating and drizzled white chocolate on top.  They were very minty and refreshing!For St. Patrick’s Day, I treated my kids with mint chocolate chip cupcakes with vanilla mint buttercream.  My 10-year-old said it was almost as good as the ice cream, which is her favorite.  I’ll take that complement ;-)!And one more “green thing”…since Spring break is upon us, it was time to celebrate the cadets’ birthdays for March.  I made a green velvet cake with vanilla buttercream tinted green.I had never even heard of green velvet before.  I saw that one of my pinterest friends pinned it.  I had to try it with my yummy new red velvet recipe.  It smelled the same but looked green and turned out so wonderfully that I was giddy with glee!

Happy Halloween

Today my three children had parties at school for Halloween.  Thankfully, two of them agreed on the same treat to share with their classes making a little easier for this mama!  My son wanted cake pops.  My daughter agreed that they would be perfect if I could make them look like jack-o-lanterns.  I made dark chocolate fudge cake pops and dipped them into orange candy melts.  Then I used black tinted buttercream to add faces.  I covered an 8 inch styrofoam cake drum in green fabric with a black ribbon for my son’s party…

My daughter’s was for a few more people so I covered a 10 inch styrofoam cake drum with black fabric and a green bow…

Are their faces cool?

My other daughter opted for pumpkin whoopie pies with vanilla buttercream filling.  I couldn’t turn her down since it is pumpkin season…

Happy Halloween!

Easter Cake

When I asked my family what they wanted for dessert on Easter, all 4 of them answered with “Cake”!  So I prodded further to find out what flavors and after some deliberation, everyone agreed to chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.

I also decided this year I was going to try my hand at home-made peanut butter eggs.  I’ve never made them before but being from Pennsylvania, I’ve enjoyed them many, many times!  I planned to put the two together.  Why not make an Easter basket full of peanut butter eggs?

I made two 6 inch chocolate cakes.  I torted and filled them with the peanut butter icing.  I did the basket weave with tip 21.  I tinted some peanut butter icing green to add grass to the basket for the eggs to have a place to lay.  I think it all turned out nicely.  What do you think?

Trains and Holiday Sale

A customer wanted to have a boy and a girl train for a birthday party that she was throwing for her daughter and her friend’s son.  I was so excited.  This is my most favorite cake to decorate.  We decided on red and blue for the boy cake…

and pink and purple for the girl cake…

The cake is yellow butter cake with chocolate buttercream.  I tinted white icing for the colorful accents.  I used fudge stripes mini cookies for the wheels, shoe string licorice for the cow catcher and train ties, various candies for the cars to carry, and rollos and Hershey kisses for the smoke stack.  Oh and don’t forget the Oreos for fuel!  It’s a fun cake, no matter what age you are!

Now onto the sale…We are excited that it is the Christmas holiday season!  Fudge, cookies, peppermint bark just to name a few goodies of the season.  So since we love this holiday season so much, we are extending some holiday cheer your way. 

If you buy one pound of peppermint bark, you get another for free!  This item is available for shipping and makes a great stocking stuffer or a yummy addition to a holiday party.  So call or email us for your order today!

Happy Halloween

How about a fun cake for Halloween?  I decided to make a chocolate cake and decorate it for Halloween.  I tinted some vanilla buttercream violet and iced one 6 inch and one 8 inch cake.  I used black tinted buttercream and put some webbing onto the cake.

I made 3 spiders out of a black fondant/gum paste mixture and placed them on the webs.

I dusted the spiders with gold shimmer and gave them eyes.

Happy Halloween!

Cake Challenge

Yesterday was the Cake Challenge at Michael’s here in Colorado Springs.  I’ve never competed in a cake decorating contest before and it was just amazing.  The cakes had to consist of at least two tiers.  They could be iced or covered in fondant prior to the contest but not decorated.  Up to 50% of the decorations could be made prior to the contest too.

First I will tell you about my cake.  I made a half sheet chocolate cake and iced it with chocolate buttercream.  I also made an 8 inch round of chocolate cake covered with chocolate buttercream.  I made pumpkin chip muffins in the shape of pumpkins for the top.  I covered them with orange tinted vanilla buttercream.

Prior to the competition, I made the pumpkins and gourds with different shades of orange fondant.  I used green tinted fondant for the tops with some moss green coloring to enhance the “real” life look of the pumpkins.  I also dusted the pumpkins with green shimmer dust and the gourds with gold dust.  I also made our family ahead of time.  I just rolled out fondant in different shades depending on who I was making.  I decided to personalized the peeps with our favorites colors.  Mazie is wearing blue jeans with pink shoes and a pink shirt.  Jamie is wearing purple and brown.  Jacob is wearing green and blue jeans.  Jeremiah is wearing a brown shirt with blue jeans and I am wearing red and brown.  I didn’t have molds to make my peeps so everything was by hand!  Oh, and I made a rake for Jeremiah to have.  I was happy with how they turned out…

At the contest, I “starred” the pumpkins and added the stems and vines…

I put a shell border around the bottom of the half sheet and round cakes.  Then I placed my family around the round cake.  I placed the gourds and pumpkins.  I also rolled out red, yellow, and orange tinted fondant and used small leave cutters for the leaves.  I placed them around the gourds and pumpkins and filled in around the top pumpkin cakes.

I ended my decorating 90 minutes with writing “Be Thankful” on the cake because that’s how I feel.  I am very thankful for my family!

Now on to my competition!  This is my friend and classmate’s cake.  She did an amazing job on her cake.  With a mummy, spiderweb, and skull for her cakes, she paid amazing attention to detail.  The spider, bats, Frankensteins, and finger pillars are all fondant.  I was very surprised she did not win!  It is a very spooky cake.

This one is amazing too.  I love the marbling of her fondant on the lower two tiers and the fire flames.  In the cauldron was a green swirly fondant that looked like some kind of crazy brew.  This is a great Halloween party cake.

And this one was the winner.  It’s a cute cake with a fun Halloween theme.  It was very well done!

It was fun to see what competing felt like.  I was nervous but not crazy.  It’s nice to know I can work under pressure and still turn out a nicely decorated cake!  So what are your thoughts?

Are you ready for some football?

We are football fans in this house. We enjoy going to the AF football games and catching scores of other college and pro teams. So when my husband signed me up to make a dessert for our tailgate cookout, I was so excited to be creative.

I made chocolate cupcakes and filled them with vanilla buttercream. I tinted vanilla buttercream to make skin color (using copper) and royal blue for the helmet.

Then I tinted vanilla buttercream kelley green for the grass and royal blue for the sky…

Then I used vanilla buttercream and swirled the cupcake. I sprayed it with Wilton icing spray in blue.
I had so much fun making these. They were a hit at the tailgate too. Happy Football Season!

Peter Cottontail

Have you met Peter Cottontail? He is white and fluffy and perfect for Easter. My kids had fun with this cake. White cake with white icing both with a hint of almond.

I accented Peter’s tie with green and some M & M candies. I used purple in his ears and for his mouth and whiskers with more M & M candies for his eyes and nose.

 Happy Easter!
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