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Happy Halloween

Today my three children had parties at school for Halloween.  Thankfully, two of them agreed on the same treat to share with their classes making a little easier for this mama!  My son wanted cake pops.  My daughter agreed that they would be perfect if I could make them look like jack-o-lanterns.  I made dark chocolate fudge cake pops and dipped them into orange candy melts.  Then I used black tinted buttercream to add faces.  I covered an 8 inch styrofoam cake drum in green fabric with a black ribbon for my son’s party…

My daughter’s was for a few more people so I covered a 10 inch styrofoam cake drum with black fabric and a green bow…

Are their faces cool?

My other daughter opted for pumpkin whoopie pies with vanilla buttercream filling.  I couldn’t turn her down since it is pumpkin season…

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Time

Around here, Fall means Pumpkin season. It’s officially Pumpkin season when I start to make these Pumpkin Chip muffins. They are full of pumpkin flavor and chocolate chips.

Have kids or aren’t in the mood for a full sized muffin? No problem. We love the mini muffins around here. Same great taste in a smaller package.

There are also the pumpkin whoopie pies. These are super moist cake-like sandwiches with vanilla filling.

Not a fan of vanilla? That’s ok. We’ve got chocolate filling too!
Whoopie pies are an old Pennsylvania Dutch treat. Their name came from when farmers were working in the fields and would stop for a lunch break. They would shout out “Whoopie” when they opened their lunch pails to discover their wives had made them the treat.
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