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Fourth of July

We are settled here in Utah now.  Not sure what we are doing about the business at this point but I’ll keep you posted.  It’s similar to living in Colorado to this point.  We are a little lower in elevation but still have to make the adjustments so things don’t bake out of the oven or crisp on the bottom.

One sign that I am settled is that I can bake and want to bake.  It just so happens that worked out to be the same time as celebrating America.  So thanks to ideas on Pinterest. I decided to use my own vanilla cake recipe to make a fun and festive cake for the fourth.



I decided on vanilla because it’s light and it’s so darn hot around here.  Plus everyone loves it.  So I added blue coloring to 1/3 of the vanilla batter and red coloring to another 1/3 of the batter.  I put them into 8 inch pans and baked them up.  After the cakes cooled and I leveled them, I used a 4 inch circle cookie cutter and cut the centers of each cake.  So I had small circle of each color, red, white and blue and a large outer circle of each color, red, white, and blue.  Are you following me?  I should add here that I double my vanilla cake recipe to have enough cake.

Then I place the red center in the blue ring and put it on the cake board.  After a layer of vanilla buttercream, I added the next layer of the blue center with white ring and covered it with vanilla buttercream.  I add the last layer of white center and red ring to the top and covered the cake with vanilla buttercream.  I used the star tip (tip 18) to place 2 rows of white stars followed by 1 row of blue stars (tip 21) all the way to the top.  I used a star-shaped cookie cutter (4 inches) to make an outline for me to follow and did the outline in blue and filled it in with red tinted buttercream stars (tip 18).


My critics (the kids and husband) were all about it.  They loved the way it looked and the taste, of course.  I knew they would love the taste.  I like how it turned out.  We had way too much cake leftover the just the 5 of us but it was festive and just what I need to relax after all the unpacking!

Special Birthday

Some of you may know that I do taekwondo with my two daughters. We enjoy the time together, working out and having fun. Today students in our taekwondo center tested for their black belts. I was asked to make a special birthday cake for one of the masters of the center. His birthday will be this week but since most of the students were at the event today, we celebrated him at the test.

I got a copy of the U.S. Taekwondo Center logo to use on the half-sheet cakes. I was pretty happy with how they turned out.

It was my honor to make these cakes for Lee Sabumnim. Happy Birthday!

Open House details

Here are the goodies that I made for the open house. I made the stacking strawberries.

 I also made some chocolate cake

There were chocolate peanut butter mini cupcakes with peanut butter icing…

Cherry, Banana, and Spearmint hard candy (shaped into little stars, of course)…
And the cake that made me the happiest to make. The Car Cruiser. Turns out I just need to use a lighter cake recipe, such as my classic white cake, in the pan to have the cruiser turn out.
I used oreo cookies for the wheels.
M & M candies for the lights and vanilla icing tinted black and red. I used white sparkle gel icing for the windows.
I was happy with the outcome. My son, however, was disappointed that I did not make it green! Maybe next time.

Peter Cottontail

Have you met Peter Cottontail? He is white and fluffy and perfect for Easter. My kids had fun with this cake. White cake with white icing both with a hint of almond.

I accented Peter’s tie with green and some M & M candies. I used purple in his ears and for his mouth and whiskers with more M & M candies for his eyes and nose.

 Happy Easter!

Every Boy’s Dream

Aren’t trains fun? I think every boy enjoys playing with trains at some time during their childhood (and some into adulthood!). When my son turned 2 this year, it was an easy decision to make a train cake.

For this cake, I used my classic chocolate cake mix and my classic white cake mix which was enough to make five train cars, one engine, and the star in the middle. The star in the middle is a little larger than a big cupcake. It’s just something that I’ve done for each of my children on their birthdays. They always get a star!

I used my son’s favorite treats to “load” the cars. I tinted vanilla icing to make the cars colorful and for the piping accents.

This cake was so much fun to make. It was even more fun to see the kids’ excitement as they saw the cake at my son’s party. CHOO! CHOO!

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