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St. Patrick’s Day

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a rainbow? Not me. I love them. In fact, we see a lot of them in the Spring and Summer times around Colorado Springs.

This is a 1/4 sheet cake (any flavor-this one was butter cake) with vanilla icing tinted blue. The cloud is vanilla icing without the tint. Colorful M & M candies make up the flowers, rainbow, pot of gold, and sun and the green “grass” is tinted coconut flakes.

While this was made for St. Patrick’s day, this cake could be enjoyed any time you feel like seeing a rainbow.

Peanut Butter Fudge

This fudge is simple, creamy, and delicious.

Melts in your mouth but isn’t heavy. Not too sweet but is light for fudge. Enjoy!

Peppermint Bark

Nothing says your in the holiday season like peppermint. Candy canes, mint cocoa, and peppermint bark are some of the yummiest things for a cold winter day.

 With milk or dark chocolate on the bottom, creamy white chocolate in the middle, and bits of peppermint candy crushed on top, how can you go wrong? Sweet and satisfying, for sure.

Hard Candy

Want a sweet treat? This hard candy is for you. I recently made a batch of banana and a batch of cinnamon. This is a cinnamon batch that I molded into gingerbread men.

 Aren’t they cute? I think he looks good enough to eat!

Shoo Fly Cake

If you have Pennsylvania Dutch in your family, you know what Shoo Fly pie is. The gooey molasses pie is really unforgettable. The cake is a spin off of the pie. It is still super moist but not as gooey and messy as the pie.

 Same yummy molasses flavor and crumbly topping.

A Fall comfort food at it’s best!

Pumpkin Time

Around here, Fall means Pumpkin season. It’s officially Pumpkin season when I start to make these Pumpkin Chip muffins. They are full of pumpkin flavor and chocolate chips.

Have kids or aren’t in the mood for a full sized muffin? No problem. We love the mini muffins around here. Same great taste in a smaller package.

There are also the pumpkin whoopie pies. These are super moist cake-like sandwiches with vanilla filling.

Not a fan of vanilla? That’s ok. We’ve got chocolate filling too!
Whoopie pies are an old Pennsylvania Dutch treat. Their name came from when farmers were working in the fields and would stop for a lunch break. They would shout out “Whoopie” when they opened their lunch pails to discover their wives had made them the treat.
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