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Super Mario Bros

Does anyone out there remember when the Nintendo came out?  I mean the real Nintendo.  Not anything with an EX or any other letter behind it.  It was light and dark grey and you actually had to put cartridges into the machine to play?  Remember Duck Hunt?  And Super Mario Bros?  Wow I was good at those games.  Now they are even cooler with whatever system they run on.  There are more characters and things to do. 

I had a nice lady call me in a little bit of a panic this past week.  The party she was planning for her soon to be 7-year-old son had to be moved up by three weeks because of her husband deploying.  And when she searched for someone to make the cake she wanted, they were pretty overpriced.  Then she found me.  I gave her the right price and told her that I could do it.  She even dropped off figurines that she wanted to be placed on the cake and a picture of what she wanted it to look like!

So after making strawberry cakes and lots of vanilla buttercream, I went to work on decorating.  Since she had given me a lot of the figurines, we decided that adding clouds, stars, boxes, and shrubs to make it look like the game.

I’m with Mario on this one…I was ready to “high-five” anyone who was around when I was finished.  I was pretty pleased with the outcome since it was a last minute order…

I hear the birthday boy was thrilled with his surprise cake.  I was so happy to help!  I love it when things turn out so well.


M-O-U-S-E…Mickey Mouse (come on, sing it with me!).  Ok, enough of that fun.  On to the cake because that’s why you are really here, right? 

So my oldest daughter turned 9 last week.  For her actual party, she requested a Mickey Mouse cake.  She really wanted to have her favorite cake which is strawberry but really wanted the outside to look like Mickey.  So I suggested that we try chocolate and vanilla icing for the decorations.  So I made 2 six-inch rounds and a 10-inch round for the ears and face.  I tinted chocolate icing black and star-tipped the ears and top of Mickey’s head.  I then star-tipped the face with vanilla icing.  Then added black for the eyes, nose, and mouth with the star tip.

I tinted some vanilla buttercream red for his tongue.  And since I didn’t really want to mess up all those stars by writing on his face, I just wrote “Happy Birthday Mazie” in the leftover red icing right onto the cake board that my husband made out of a card board box.  I just put some foil over it to make it look nice!

By the way, just in case you were wondering, the chocolate icing tasted very much like dark chocolate with the strawberry cake!  I’ve never paired the two before.  I will probably do it again soon.

Happy New Year

A good friend of mine happens to be a New Years Baby!   So this year our families got together to celebrate.  She requested something lemony.  I made a lemon cake with lemon pudding filling and lemon icing.

So I decided to be a little creative with the stacking.  It was a fun and festive cake.  Happy Birthday Rachel!

Trains and Holiday Sale

A customer wanted to have a boy and a girl train for a birthday party that she was throwing for her daughter and her friend’s son.  I was so excited.  This is my most favorite cake to decorate.  We decided on red and blue for the boy cake…

and pink and purple for the girl cake…

The cake is yellow butter cake with chocolate buttercream.  I tinted white icing for the colorful accents.  I used fudge stripes mini cookies for the wheels, shoe string licorice for the cow catcher and train ties, various candies for the cars to carry, and rollos and Hershey kisses for the smoke stack.  Oh and don’t forget the Oreos for fuel!  It’s a fun cake, no matter what age you are!

Now onto the sale…We are excited that it is the Christmas holiday season!  Fudge, cookies, peppermint bark just to name a few goodies of the season.  So since we love this holiday season so much, we are extending some holiday cheer your way. 

If you buy one pound of peppermint bark, you get another for free!  This item is available for shipping and makes a great stocking stuffer or a yummy addition to a holiday party.  So call or email us for your order today!

Lemon Tiers

My dad happens to be visiting from Pennsylvania and it happens to be his birthday today.  So we decided to do it right!  My girls decided that lemon cake would be best.  So we made a lemon cake and lemon buttercream icing. 

I also did 4 tiers.  A 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch and stacked them all into the tallest, lemony-ist cake ever!

I tinted some of the lemon icing yellow, orange, and green to make it colorful.  Happy Birthday, Dad!

LEGO cake

My daughter is on the robotics team at her school.  They built robots out of LEGOs and programmed them to do things.  They competed against other robotics teams at UCCS in November.  While they didn’t progress to the next level, they did do an awesome job.  Tonight was the team’s final meeting.  My daughter insisted that I make a LEGO cake for everyone to share. 

She wanted the cake to be chocolate and the icing to be colorful like LEGOs.  I used mini marshmallows for the links on the smaller blocks and regular sized marshmallows on the larger block.  I stacked them up and took them to their meeting tonight.

The kids thought they were pretty cool!  I was pretty pleased with how they turned out too.

Small Tiers

My mom bought me this pan set for an early birthday present.  I decided to try it out. 

First of all I love the way it makes the smallest cakes.  There 2 each 4 inch, 3 inch, and 2 inch in the set.  I have to say that I am not a fan of dark pans but these worked very well.  Second, I love how the cakes baked.  The whole cake was done in 30 minutes of baking time (which for here in Colorado Springs says something!)  The cakes cooled and I went to work.

I used my chocolate cake recipe and had more than enough left over.  In fact, I probably could have used the rest of the batter for another whole cake.  I used them for cupcakes instead, in case you were wondering!  I also used vanilla buttercream icing.  I wanted to try out the Duff Cake Tattoos to see how they worked and what they looked like on a cake.  They are edible and easy to use!  It makes the cake look pretty sharp, don’t you think?

Just to show how small the tiered cake rally is I put it next to a 5X7 of my husband and kids

After I made the cake, I was talking to my husband about it.  We both think it would be a cute cake to duplicate a wedding cake for an anniversary or for a fabulous birthday party with only a few guests!  For whatever reason, this is a fun, fancy cake!

Happy Halloween

How about a fun cake for Halloween?  I decided to make a chocolate cake and decorate it for Halloween.  I tinted some vanilla buttercream violet and iced one 6 inch and one 8 inch cake.  I used black tinted buttercream and put some webbing onto the cake.

I made 3 spiders out of a black fondant/gum paste mixture and placed them on the webs.

I dusted the spiders with gold shimmer and gave them eyes.

Happy Halloween!

Cake Challenge

Yesterday was the Cake Challenge at Michael’s here in Colorado Springs.  I’ve never competed in a cake decorating contest before and it was just amazing.  The cakes had to consist of at least two tiers.  They could be iced or covered in fondant prior to the contest but not decorated.  Up to 50% of the decorations could be made prior to the contest too.

First I will tell you about my cake.  I made a half sheet chocolate cake and iced it with chocolate buttercream.  I also made an 8 inch round of chocolate cake covered with chocolate buttercream.  I made pumpkin chip muffins in the shape of pumpkins for the top.  I covered them with orange tinted vanilla buttercream.

Prior to the competition, I made the pumpkins and gourds with different shades of orange fondant.  I used green tinted fondant for the tops with some moss green coloring to enhance the “real” life look of the pumpkins.  I also dusted the pumpkins with green shimmer dust and the gourds with gold dust.  I also made our family ahead of time.  I just rolled out fondant in different shades depending on who I was making.  I decided to personalized the peeps with our favorites colors.  Mazie is wearing blue jeans with pink shoes and a pink shirt.  Jamie is wearing purple and brown.  Jacob is wearing green and blue jeans.  Jeremiah is wearing a brown shirt with blue jeans and I am wearing red and brown.  I didn’t have molds to make my peeps so everything was by hand!  Oh, and I made a rake for Jeremiah to have.  I was happy with how they turned out…

At the contest, I “starred” the pumpkins and added the stems and vines…

I put a shell border around the bottom of the half sheet and round cakes.  Then I placed my family around the round cake.  I placed the gourds and pumpkins.  I also rolled out red, yellow, and orange tinted fondant and used small leave cutters for the leaves.  I placed them around the gourds and pumpkins and filled in around the top pumpkin cakes.

I ended my decorating 90 minutes with writing “Be Thankful” on the cake because that’s how I feel.  I am very thankful for my family!

Now on to my competition!  This is my friend and classmate’s cake.  She did an amazing job on her cake.  With a mummy, spiderweb, and skull for her cakes, she paid amazing attention to detail.  The spider, bats, Frankensteins, and finger pillars are all fondant.  I was very surprised she did not win!  It is a very spooky cake.

This one is amazing too.  I love the marbling of her fondant on the lower two tiers and the fire flames.  In the cauldron was a green swirly fondant that looked like some kind of crazy brew.  This is a great Halloween party cake.

And this one was the winner.  It’s a cute cake with a fun Halloween theme.  It was very well done!

It was fun to see what competing felt like.  I was nervous but not crazy.  It’s nice to know I can work under pressure and still turn out a nicely decorated cake!  So what are your thoughts?

Special Birthday

Some of you may know that I do taekwondo with my two daughters. We enjoy the time together, working out and having fun. Today students in our taekwondo center tested for their black belts. I was asked to make a special birthday cake for one of the masters of the center. His birthday will be this week but since most of the students were at the event today, we celebrated him at the test.

I got a copy of the U.S. Taekwondo Center logo to use on the half-sheet cakes. I was pretty happy with how they turned out.

It was my honor to make these cakes for Lee Sabumnim. Happy Birthday!
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