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Surprise Cupcakes

Some of you may know that my husband is an officer in the Air Force and currently working at USAF Academy.  He is in command of squadron 6, The Ragin’ Bulls.  Today marked the day that all the firsties (senior cadets) get to know what their jobs will be in the Air Force after they graduate.  So my husband thought it would be cool to put their jobs on a piece of paper and stuff them into cupcakes.  We went with red velvet cupcakes (Red for Rage) with cream cheese buttercream.Since the graduating class is a silver class, I lined the pans with silver cupcake paper.  I also used Wilton’s edible decorating spray in silver and sprayed the tops and added some silver sprinkles…We also labeled each cupcake with a toothpick that had the cadet’s name attached.  We wouldn’t want anyone to find out the wrong job.  No one ate their jobs, by the way.  I was happy to hear that!  The treats went over quite nicely and the cadets were happy with their jobs.  Good luck in June, Firsties!!


This Cat and Mouse were such fun to make. The customer wanted the cake to be chocolate with cream cheese icing. She also requested that the icing be tinted to gray and decorate it with tabby-like markings. Oh, and don’t forget the green eyes!

The little mouse in the corner is a white cupcake with vanilla icing tinted pink. Her (soon-to-be)one year old daughter is going to enjoy that all by herself. Happy Birthday, Little A. I hope you have a great day.

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