Brighter Days

Last week a Mom called me asking if I deliver.  She stated she was in Iowa and her son had moved here a few months ago and was a little down.  I said that I do deliver and asked what she wanted for him.  She said, “just something to brighten his day”.  So after talking a little more we came up with some cupcakes with smiley faces just to make him smile.

These happen to be vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.  I tinted vanilla buttercream for the bright colors of the faces.  At first, the faces were ok.  But they needed something more.  I mean, this was a young man who was living here on his own.  He can’t have just plain smiley faces, right?  So I added some hair.  My son personally liked the comb-over blue guy.  I think these would certainly brighten up my day if someone sent them to me!

The best part was the delivery though.  I drove this dozen of cupcakes over to his place of work.  I walked in asking for him by name.  After being pointed in his direction, he came walking toward me with a skeptical look.  I was carrying a box of something.  No one could see into that box.  Maybe I should switch to window boxes.  But after I explained that his mama was trying to brighten up his day, the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a young man appeared.  That’s why I loved this order so much!

I spoke with the Mom after and she said that he loved the whole thing.  And the cupcakes were good.  His roommate apparently ate 3 before making sure they were available for him to eat!

I also realized that my kids are going to be so embarrassed by me when they go off to college.  Oh, the joys of motherhood, right? 😉


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