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Yummy Fall Treats Sale!

The Fall season is bursting with lots of flavors!  In this house, you know it’s Fall when pumpkin chip muffins are being made.

Pumpkin whoopie pies with chocolate or vanilla filling…

Pumpkin bundt cake with a streusel filling and a chocolate glaze (or citrus, if you prefer)

Pumpkin chip muffins (regular sized or mini!)

There are also pumpkin pie and pumpkin fudge to choose from in the pumpkin catagory.  There is also shoo fly cake for those who love the flavor of molasses.  Apple pie, apple crisp, and pear oatmeal cookies are some Fall fruity goodies that we offer. 

So why am I telling you all about our Fall yummy-ness?  I’m so pleased that you asked ;-)!  We are having a Fall sale.  You can buy one item and get another item half off!  The items do not need to be the same either.  Say you want a pumpkin bundt cake to serve for an office party but need some pumpkin chip muffins because they are that good.  You can order a dozen muffins and the cake and only pay full price for one.  Or say you really like the muffins and need 2 dozen (or 3 or 4) the second (or 3rd or 4th) is 50% off.  I think you’re getting it now! 

This offer is good until the end of November!  You can email or call with questions or to order.

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