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Two Shall Become One

At the beginning of August, I had another wedding cake.  I had the tasting set up for March when the bride and groom were home from college.  They wanted something that wasn’t traditional wedding cake but asked to try chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  They decided on the strawberry because it just fit what they were looking for.  The bride had a picture of a cake that she wanted but had ideas of how to make it their own.  They wanted to incorporate the wedding colors of green and gold and she wanted her flowers to be on the cake.

So the florist made a cake topper for me to place and some smaller arrangements to place on other tiers.  The bride’s mother supplied the ribbon and I attached it to the cake and then applied the gold rings which were made out of white chocolate modeling clay.

The cake was all strawberry cake with strawberry filling.  I covered the cake with vanilla buttercream.  I was happy with the finished product.  According the Mother of the Bride, she let me know that a week after the wedding people were still talking about the cake at church!

Student Cakes

I had such a great month of teaching students at Hobby Lobby with the cake decorating classes.  It seemed like the students were genuinely having a great time.  I know I was! 

So in my basic course, the students did some fantastic decorating…

I’m not sure where the other pictures went.  I had 8 students in the class!  Two of the cakes above were decorated by 11 year olds.  I was totally impressed.

Then there were the students in my flowers and cake design class.  There is quite a bit of talent here…

I can’t wait to see what next months’ classes hold!  Good job to all my students.

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