Class Cakes

I ended up with such a large class for my Decorating Basics course at Hobby Lobby that I had to split the class and have two!  The students were awesome and they had lots of fun.  I have to say that I did too.  It wonderful for me to see students get excited when they realize they did something cool.  And they did lots of cool things!   But I’ll let you decided by looking at their final cake projects…These were from a husband and wife couple who took the class together. 

I had another couple in my second class.  He loves her, if you couldn’t tell…And she’s pretty smitten with him…and their little guy…

I even had a student who decided to do cupcakes for their final project instead of a full cake.  Such a good idea…

Aren’t they all great?  There were 4 students who were under 18 in the class too.  I am so impressed by these cakes.  I love the colors and the ideas the students had.  They all did a great job!


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