Polka Dots

Last weekend I had an order for a baby shower cake.  The lady who ordered the cake had an idea in her head with pink, brown, green, and blue colors but wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

I used tip 12 to pipe large dots onto the cake and, when the icing dried a bit, I flattened the dots.  I think it turned out nicely.  What do you think?


We have two birthdays in January in our house.  My husband loves red velvet cake with peanut butter buttercream and I make it for him every year…He is my clown!  And I love him.  And this cake lasted for two days.

My oldest turned ten this year.  She had ideas for her cake since September and designed it mostly on her own.  All I had to do was make everything.  She wanted star-gazer lilies and she wanted a chocolate cake with a strawberry cake on top. Strawberry really is her favorite.  I mean, what girl doesn’t like a pink cake? But since she was having a few friends over for her party, she decided that the bottom layer should be chocolate so that everyone was happy!  And they were.I thought it looked pretty with the candles all litTen candles on an 8 inch cake and a 6 inch cake is a lot!  I was happy with it and so was she and so were her friends!

End of the year wrap up…

Wow! It’s been pretty quiet around here.  My New Year’s Resolution is to not let that happen anymore.  I plan to keep this place hopping from now on.  But in the meantime, here are a few things I’ve work on over the last few months…

Baby shower…mom was decorating the room in pink and green and loved monkeys.  I made a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream tinted pink and green.  I used modeling chocolate for the monkeys…

The cadets of squadron 6 at the Air Force Academy wanted a celebratory cake for all their efforts to surpass their volunteering goal.  Well, they did it!  I made a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing tinted red, a “funfetti” (vanilla cake with sprinkles) with vanilla buttercream tinted red, and a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream tinted black.

I used black fondant for the bull and piped vanilla buttercream for their hours of volunteering.  711 hours is impressive!  Good job Bulls!

Here are a few cakes from some of my latest students in my basic course…

The last one was from an 11-year-old!

So that’s it for now…but not for too long!

Happy Halloween

Today my three children had parties at school for Halloween.  Thankfully, two of them agreed on the same treat to share with their classes making a little easier for this mama!  My son wanted cake pops.  My daughter agreed that they would be perfect if I could make them look like jack-o-lanterns.  I made dark chocolate fudge cake pops and dipped them into orange candy melts.  Then I used black tinted buttercream to add faces.  I covered an 8 inch styrofoam cake drum in green fabric with a black ribbon for my son’s party…

My daughter’s was for a few more people so I covered a 10 inch styrofoam cake drum with black fabric and a green bow…

Are their faces cool?

My other daughter opted for pumpkin whoopie pies with vanilla buttercream filling.  I couldn’t turn her down since it is pumpkin season…

Happy Halloween!


As many of you know, I teach cake decorating classes at Hobby Lobby.  This weekend I was in Denver for a training seminar to teach the Advanced Gum Paste Flowers class that will be offered starting in February.  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to try out these flowers!

Here is what we learned…

The Gerbera Daisy…

This little bundle is of blossoms (pink), a stephenotis flower (white) and some ivy leaves…

The final project was to put together some of the flowers to make a bouquet.  This is of some stephenotis flowers and bud, blossoms, and some sweet peas (yellow) with some ivy leaves…

And my favorite, the star-gazer lily…

I can not wait to put these on some cakes!

Brighter Days

Last week a Mom called me asking if I deliver.  She stated she was in Iowa and her son had moved here a few months ago and was a little down.  I said that I do deliver and asked what she wanted for him.  She said, “just something to brighten his day”.  So after talking a little more we came up with some cupcakes with smiley faces just to make him smile.

These happen to be vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.  I tinted vanilla buttercream for the bright colors of the faces.  At first, the faces were ok.  But they needed something more.  I mean, this was a young man who was living here on his own.  He can’t have just plain smiley faces, right?  So I added some hair.  My son personally liked the comb-over blue guy.  I think these would certainly brighten up my day if someone sent them to me!

The best part was the delivery though.  I drove this dozen of cupcakes over to his place of work.  I walked in asking for him by name.  After being pointed in his direction, he came walking toward me with a skeptical look.  I was carrying a box of something.  No one could see into that box.  Maybe I should switch to window boxes.  But after I explained that his mama was trying to brighten up his day, the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a young man appeared.  That’s why I loved this order so much!

I spoke with the Mom after and she said that he loved the whole thing.  And the cupcakes were good.  His roommate apparently ate 3 before making sure they were available for him to eat!

I also realized that my kids are going to be so embarrassed by me when they go off to college.  Oh, the joys of motherhood, right? 😉

Two Shall Become One

At the beginning of August, I had another wedding cake.  I had the tasting set up for March when the bride and groom were home from college.  They wanted something that wasn’t traditional wedding cake but asked to try chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  They decided on the strawberry because it just fit what they were looking for.  The bride had a picture of a cake that she wanted but had ideas of how to make it their own.  They wanted to incorporate the wedding colors of green and gold and she wanted her flowers to be on the cake.

So the florist made a cake topper for me to place and some smaller arrangements to place on other tiers.  The bride’s mother supplied the ribbon and I attached it to the cake and then applied the gold rings which were made out of white chocolate modeling clay.

The cake was all strawberry cake with strawberry filling.  I covered the cake with vanilla buttercream.  I was happy with the finished product.  According the Mother of the Bride, she let me know that a week after the wedding people were still talking about the cake at church!

Chocolate Tiers

Sorry for the lack of posts.  My hard drive went out and since I haven’t learned any lessons on having a computer and important pictures, I never backed up my hard drive.  So it had to go to the computer wizards to get my stuff off of the bad one and put onto a good one and now here we are.  Enough whining, on with the pictures and post, right? 🙂

Wedding cakes are a great place to start, don’t you think?  This wedding was at the end of July.  The bride-to-be contacted me and said she just wanted a chocolate wedding cake.  All of it to be chocolate.  She had a picture of an idea of what she wanted and also added a recipe for Chantilly icing.  She wanted to know if I would try it for the filling because she had lived in Hawaii for a while and missed that icing.  I, of course, wanted to try this recipe.  It turned out to be a caramel-like filling for the cake…and, oh so yummy!

The bride-to-be was pleased, as was her fiance, who really didn’t say much because he was eating.  I like that in my customers! 😉

This is the final product on the day of the wedding…

Three tiers of chocolate cake filled with Chantilly icing.  I covered the cakes with chocolate buttercream and chocolate sprinkles on the sides.  I also used edible modeling chocolate for the curls.  It was definitely a rich cake!

Also, it happened to be the flower girl’s birthday.  The bride-to-be asked if I could put a “happy birthday” to her on the side of the cake.  How cool is that?  I bet the flower girl was on top of the moon with this…

It was fun to be out of the traditional wedding cake box with this wedding!

Simple and Elegant

Yesterday was our first wedding cake of the year.  My customer was the Mother of the Bride.  Since her daughter was out-of-state, she did all the planning and ground work for her daughter’s special day.  She came to the tasting and said, “I’m not a cake person.  I like pie.” and walked away saying, “Wow, I really liked the cakes”!  That’s what I like to hear.  Over a few weeks, we worked out the details of the cake.  Her daughter wanted simple and elegant.  I think we accomplished just that…

They had fresh flowers waiting for me at the reception location.  I stacked the cake and placed the flowers.

The bottom layer was a white 14 inch round cake with lemon curd filling.  The top two layers were chocolate cake (10 inch and 6 inch) with chocolate buttercream filling.  I iced the entire cake with vanilla buttercream.  I added the beaded border after placing the flowers.  I was pleased with how it turned out!


One of my daughters signed up for Landsharks Running club through school this Spring.  She enjoyed it so much.  The practices and three meets.  She ran her little heart out.  So when it came time for the team to have a party, she wanted me to make a cake!  Of course, I obliged.  She insisted on chocolate cake with vanilla  buttercream and I had to put the Landsharks shark on the cake.

She goes to Odyssey elementary and their color was red.  I think the Shark looks kind of cool.  What do you think?

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